Yunnan Trip: Kunming - Lijiang -Xishuangbanna (April 2001)

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Very unhandy road-ticket-window

Rice Harvest

Rice Harvest

Rice Harvest

Birman Influence in Temples

"Kruidje Roer me niet", Sensitive Weed or Mimosa pudica
Hulu Island, Menglun Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden
The Tropical Botanical Garden is located on Hulu Island in Menglun Township, 96 kilometers from Jinghong.
The Chinese call it the " Green Gem on the Crown of the Plant Kingdom ", and it is the birthplace of conservation activities in Xishuangbanna. The garden was established in 1959 under the famous botanist Cai Xitao. In the garden's 860 ha. area, thousands upon thousands of varieties of tropical and subtropical plants from home and abroad are growing. Visitors can view many rare exotic and endangered plant species here; the dragon tree, the maytenwood, and the poisonous upas tree; the thirst-relieving " carriage-pole vine "; the " clock flower " that opens and closes along with the sunrise and sunset; the " dancing grass " that responds to sound; the " king lotus " which can support a seated child on the water; the "mystery fruit" able to turn sour to sweet, then sweet to sour; and the "King of Tea Trees", which authorities say is at least 800 years old; it continues to sprout, and give the flavour of its' homeland, the land of the Pu'er red tea.

Just beautiful

Some Fruit in the top of a lowgrowing palmtree

Plamtrees that look like giant ferns

Looking for yout roots?

Plam trees in lovely setting

Singing for and looking at the "Dancing Grass"

Orchids abundance

Big and Beautiful




Up in the Canopy of Menghai Tropical Forest

Menghai Tropical Forest, huge trees
Xishuangbanna, Ganlaba

The temple

Dragons at the entrance
Lanscape is "rustiques"

Xishuangbanna, Water Splashing Festival
The Water Splashing Festival, held by the Dai Nationality in the sixth month of the Dai calendar (in the middle of April), is the grandest ceremonial occasion for the Dai. It is also known as the festival for bathing Buddha. The festival is related to the Buddhist legend of dragon sprinkling fragrant showers on Lord Buddha at his birth. The Buddhist legend has gradually been mingled with the customs of the Dai people since their conversion to Buddhism.
[replacing the now disappeard:]

Dressed up or Folklore?

The Dragon Boat Race

The Dragon Boat Race

Girls at the helms

The Violets

The Whites

The Pinkies

Other Violets
Xishuangbanna, Up the Lancang or Mekong River

Lancang or Mekong

The banks

River transport

Rubber tree

In the Village looking down on the Lancang or Mekong

No roads

Just a path
Xishuangbanna, Forest Cafe and Sarah

Forest Cafe

A lovely place of rest and good food

And the best of all is Sarah, host and guide.

And the view on the street

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