Shanghai Province
To start with, a very peculiar company.......
Shanghai, from where we made short trips
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Map of Shanghai Province with indications of places where photos have been made
  1. Maglev
  2. Lu Jia Zui
  3. Tonghe Xincun
  4. Mariot Hotel
  5. Modern Art Museum
  6. Roaring 20-ies
  7. My Favorite building
  8. Dutch suburbs
  9. Shuzhou bridge
  10. Tsiang Kai Tsjek City Centre
  11. Holland village
  12. Optical Storage
  13. Yang Pu
  14. Nan Pu
  15. Lu Pu
  16. Xu Pu
  17. Feng Pu
  18. Song Pu
  19. Dong Hai Da Qiao
  20. Luchaogang
  21. Fengxian
  22. Fenxin
  23. "Cao Sui" or Tidal Bore
  24. SongJiang
  25. Sheshan
  26. Huzhu Baoguang, Tianma Mountain Park
  27. Chongming
  28. Chongming Wetlands
  29. Bao Jiang
  30. Filmtowns
  31. Flowerport, "Keukenhof"
  32. Watervillages
Some more of Shanghai Province
South-East of Shanghai Province is Luchaogang
A fishermans town and port for travels to Putuoshan
South-Shanghai or Fengxian area
Capital of the Area is Fengxian, with its modern Highschool
Rural roads
And yellow oilseed fields
Hard working people
And friendly eldery people
helping us finding the local Fenghuodun or Beacon Towers
At the coast is Fenxin or Fenxian Bay,
with a yearly Kite Festival

On April 16, 2005, still being "under construction"

Quite a development, in "Thalassic park"
With homage to the odd-shaped sea-defense-blocks
A beautiful park is taking shape
along a road lined with animal statues
In the centre is Palmbeach
A big Hotel
With a beach being constructed
And used for a fair like arrangement a year later
(July 8, 2006)

Where one can go on horseback on the mudfields...
(April 16, 2005)

And later ride a mechanical horse (July 8, 2006)
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..that form the actual coastal area.. well as the entrees to the canals
Some nice Pavillions
And about four or five villa compounds
With spacious Villa's and appartments
And surrounded by lts of green
West, more inside the Ningbo or Hangzhou Bay appears yearly around mid September the famous "Cao Sui" or Tidal Bore at the Qiantang River,
a phenomena in which the high-tide rolls in in one massive wave of 3 - 8 meters, 10 - 25 feet high
Before it arrives, the dam is a good place to make wedding pictures
Note the height of the dam w.r.t. the couple
And then, in a period of barely 5 minutes, the wave arrives
Flows over the dam
and engulfes it totally, 3-4 meters, 10-15 feet high
North of this famous spot is SongJiang, much older than Shanghai
Well knows for its "Fang Da" or square pagoda
And with a lovely Peacock park

Nearby the big new University is conference Centre "England Leisure Square" with a Dutch Windmill alongside the Shanghai - Hangzhou Freeway,

Inside a bar and a peek through the window

Outside a beach with playing children

And a fishing man
North of Song Jiang and West of Shanghai is Sheshan mountain
Carrying a church and an observatorium of 1900
The Church
Inside the observatorium of 1900
Nearby the leaning pagoda of Huzhu Baoguang (ca 1100 AD) in the Tianma Mountain Park
North of Shanghai in the Chiang Jiang or YangTse River is the third biggest Island of China: Chongming
Sailing by Ferry from Shengqiao, past the peers of Bao Gang Steel
One sees many ferries ferrying between Chongming Island and the Mainland - 1
Chongming City reached
And via Chenhai Highway
A very new Highway
And still very empty
One reaches the Chongming Wetlands to the East
A sactuary for migrating birds
And mankind
Via Xian Bei Port return to Bao Jiang, East of Bao Shan where the Huangpu joins the Chian Jiang
The costline of Baoshan
The Coastline of Bao Jiang