Photographic Report of our trip to Vietnam, December 8 - 17, 2005

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map of vietnam


motorcycles at night, in the old quarter of Hanoi

enjoying a snack in a small street stall

Squating vendors chat in Hanoi's Old Quarter, seen through the omnipresent electriciy cables from a cafe balcony

Fancy buying a toothbrush at the market in Hanoi's Old Quarter?

Waiting motorcycles at the traffic lights

Most popular stool in Hanoi

Kitchen department, just outside the Dong Xuan Market

colourful shop

Plastic ball warehouse, just outside the Dong Xuan Market

motorcyle parking outside the market

Reloading the trucks outside Dong Xuan Market

Who needs a van when you've got motorcycles

The 'shoe street' in the Dong Xuan Market, which was rebuilt after a fire in 1994

View from the second floor in the Dong Xuan Market

Cloth street; vendors comfortably seated on their merchandise

2 Policemen on a motorcycle in Hanoi

The motorcycle is the ideal family tranport

Motorcycles in Hanoi


Flower vendors in Hanoi

Not an unfamiliar scene in Hanoi

places of interest
The turtle with the sword
the famous story of Hannoi
Boatrace act at the Waterpuppet Theatre in Hanoi (green won, red.)

The Mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh
The Father of the Nation
The Mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh
Changing of the guard
mowing the lawn at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Palms reflected in the pondwater in the Presidential garden in Hanoi

The One Pillar Pagoda. Constructed in 1049, destroyed by the French in 1954 and rebuilt by the new government. The temple is designed to resemble a Lotus blossom, symbol of purity, rising out of a sea of sorrow

special entrance for foreigners at the Ho Chi Minh Museum; Vietnamese people do not have to pay an entrance fee

Ballot boxes in the Ho Chi Minh Museum...suggestive?

the temple of literature
Entrance gate of the temple of literature. Founded in 1070, dedicated to Confucius. Vietnam's first university was established here in 1076. The inscription on the gate requests visitors dismount their hourse before entering

Beware of the dog. Lovely piece of art in the Temple of Literature...

Pink Lotus blossom at the Temple of Literature

Small gate, large tree in the Temple of Literature

Small gate, large tree and Sophie

Small gate, big tree, starring Marja

Small gate, large tree, large man in the Temple of Literature

Small gate, large tree, Christiaan in the Temple of Literature

Pitoresque picture, starring a garbage basket

In the Temple of Literature

The man himself; Confucius

Wild guess..

At the Literature museum

At the Literature museum

the Tran Quoc Pagoda
Monk at the entrance gate of the Tran Quoc Pagoda, one of the oldest pagoda's in Vietnam

Tran Quoc Pagoda. Very peaceful at lunchtime

Girl in traditional clothes on the The Huc (rising sun) bridge, leading to the Ngoc Son Temple

Time for romance in the Ngoc Son temple

the Ethnological museum

Waterpuppet show

Left the stairs for the male, right for the female
At the fertility temple
Courting at adolescence (French MMS: Matin, Midi, Soir)
The fertility temple
Making love as adults (French MMS: Mardi, Mercredi, Samedi)
Fertility temple
Parenting while middle aged (French MMS: Mars, May, Septembre)
Fertility temple
Beyond interest at old age (French MMS: Mon Meilleur Souvenir)
Halong Bay

Children of Napalm victims, often handicapped, making embroiduery art
on th eway to Halong Bai
Halong Bay

2 Children on a boat trying to sell fruit to the tourists

A mother and child in a small rowing boat at the floating fisher's village in Halong Bay

A floating house. The fish are farmed in plastic baskets, on the back porch

Floating fishfarming village in Halong Bay

Clubhouse of the village, includes a pooltable

Women do the work

2 of the many dogs in the floating village

Enclosure, only to be reached by small boat. Scenes for the Bond-film 'Tomorrow Never Dies' were shot here.

Lovely word of thanks at the end of a questionaire about the Halong Bay tour


Rain in Hue; visiting the tomb of Nam Giao, once the most important religious site in Vietnam

The topmost esplanade, which is round, represents heaven. The middle terrace, representing earth, is square.

The tomb of Ming Mang, who ruled from 1820 to 1840. On the west bank of the Perfume river, 12 km from Hue.

The Minh Mang Tomb
from the rear
The Minh Mang Tomb
in its environment of ponds
One of the obelisks
that flank the tomb
Door in the tomb of Ming Mang

The Minh Mang Tomb

Water tanks at the Minh Mang temple are overflowing due to the continuous downpour

Statues at the Kai Dinh Tomb. Kai Dinh ruled from 1916 to 1925, a start was made building the tomb in 1920. It lasted 11 years to build the concrete structure, which is a synthesis of Vietnamese and European elements.

Rain was really pouring wehn we visited the Tomb of Tu Duc. The total complex contains over 40 buildings.
Emperor Tu Duc, who reigned between 1848 and 1883 (the longest reign of any Nguyen monarch), designed the tomb for use both before and after his death.
Luu Khiem Lake was created from a small stream once running through the tomb area. The excavated earth was used to construct Tinh Khiem Islet. During Tu Duc's time, three small ornate buildings were erected and several varieties of rare animals and birdsinhabited the island. The emperor used to enjoy boating on the lake and visiting the island.
The boat landing on the shore of Luu Khiem Lake

Rain pouring of one of the roofs in the Tomb of Tu Duc

Inside there are various treasures displayed

Outside the water poured not only from the sky

Pitoresque, despite the rain

Ho Chi Minh City or HCMT
better know as Saigon, now one district only
Main street to the left

Main street to the right

The Concert Hall

The Notre Dame Cathedral
built 1877 - 1883, neo romanesque
The Central Postoffice
built 1886 - 1891
With its colonial maps

Christiaan in the embroidery shop.....

Man selling juice outside the shop. The streets are filled with stalls and people carrying baskets of merchandise

Fruitstall in the Ben Thanh Market, HCMC

Drinking coconut juice at Liebeth's favorite stall in the Ben Thanh Market

Merchandise is taken to the city by bike; the vendor walks. If all goes well, enough is sold at the end of the day to enable the vendor to cycle home.

Naptime in HCMC. A true act of balance

Ho Chi Minh City or HCMT
The wars are stil remembered
One of the war museums
Where outside all sorts of militray euipment is displayed

In front of the Reunification Palace (HCMC), with Vietnamese tanks on the left
We remember the news with the tanks crushing the gates of the then Presidential Palace
The rear terras of the Reunification Palace (HCMC), with indications where two bombs were dropped by a defecting South-Vietnamese pilot

Country scenes North of Ho Chi Minh City

3 Girls on the road to the Tay Ninh Holy See

Man driving a car pulled by buffalo. The buffalo are used extensively and are seen everywhere in the countryside

The Great Temple of Tay Ninh Holy See
The complex was founded in 1926, and houses the temple, administrative offices, residences for officials and adepts, and a hospital of traditional Vietnames herbal medicine. Cau daism is the outcome of an attempt to create the ideal religion. It includes aspects from Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, native Vietnames spiritualism, Christianity and Islam. Among the contacted spirits are Joan of Arc, Descartes, Shakespeare, Hugo, Pasteur and Lenin.
Cao Dai | CaoDai: Religion of Many Spirits
The Great Temple of Tay Ninh Holy See.

Daily noon ceremony at the Great Temple

Daily noon ceremony at the Great Temple

Daily noon ceremony at the Great Temple

Daily noon ceremony at the Great Temple

Daily noon ceremony at the Great Temple

Daily noon ceremony at the Great Temple

Daily noon ceremony at the Great Temple

A well meant warnign at the parking place

The Viet Cong tunnelsystem at Cu Chi
Around Cu Chi fighting during the American war was very intense. In the Cu Chi district alone, the total length of the tunnels was 250km. The tunnels were built over a period of 25 years, that began in the late 1940s.
Entrance to the Viet Cong tunnel system at Cu Chi.

A campsite at Cu Chi

Very funny art at Cu Chi

The Mekong Delta

The trip to the Mekong Delta. These houses in HCMC are built up with all sorts of material. No matter how ramshackle, all seem to boast antennas.

From HCMC to My Tho

From HCMC to My Tho

From HCMC to My Tho

From HCMC to My Tho

From HCMC to My Tho

From HCMC to My Tho

Woman covered to her hat in mud. People rummage through the sediment

On the Mekong river. The boats all have the red front, with 2 eyes painted on.

Sand transport on the Mekong river

From HCMC to My Tho

From HCMC to My Tho

From HCMC to My Tho

Collecting fish/shells from the sediment

Bathing in the river

Ride through the village in a pony-cart

Family relaxing

Family relaxing

At a coconut sweety factory

The third type of boat.
Coming to My Tho by speedboat, we hopped on a local boat. And then, through the small waterways on the island, we took typical Vietnamese rowing boats, with 2 oresmen.
Banana boat; not like the western banana boats!

Waterbuffalo at the restaurant, enjoying himself in the cool water

Near Liesbeth's house; the boat took us right to the compound

Back home

Midnight return in Shanhai

Photographic Report of our trip to Vietnam, December 8 - 17, 2005

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