Photographic Report of our trip to Thailand - Bangkok, November 22 - 23, 2003

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map of Bangkok - Thailand

"Krungthep Mahanakorn Amorn Rattanakosin Mahinthara Yuthaya Mahadilok Phob Noppharad Rajcha Thani Burirom Udom Rajcha Nives Mahasatharn Amorn Phimarn Awatarn Sathit Sakathattiya Visanu Kampasit"
Bangkok is the world's longest-named capital city, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.
Bangkok or Krung Thep is one of the most cosmopolitan Asian cities. Krung Thep is meaning to "the city of angels". It is the harmonious blending of modern lifestyle and old culture. Strong Thai traditional arts, the pride of Bangkokian, are remaining in the capital's temples, architectures and antiques, while modern technologies are thriving fastly.
Bangkok was created as the capital of Thailand since 1782, by the first monarch of the present Chakri dynasty. Now it is the gateway to South East Asia and the center of Thailand's tradition, culture, politic, economy, education, and arts.
Bangkokian are smiley. There are over 6 millions people here, most of them are Buddhist. Administration in Bangkok is different from other provinces. It is divided into Khet (zone), instead of "Amphoe", and Kwaeng (district), instead of "Tambon".
Major tourism of Bangkok attractions are glittering Buddhist temples and palaces. The place was praised as the 'Venice of the East', according to its timeless canal and river scenes. Days in Bangkok are lively-added with numerous activities and places. It is also famous for nice shopping areas, and almost legendary nightlife. The convenience of tourists is also effectively supported by nice accommodation and transportation.
Capital of Thailand
Bangkok along the river Chao Phraya

Big bridges

Many tourists, like ourselves

Along the water-roads of Bangkok

Business on the water

Swimming in the water

High speed on the main river


Tempel of Standing Buddha

The Standing Buddha

A good deed: Freeing a bird, likely to be captured again

Or throwing coins in a lot of receptales, nice sound

You can also stick gold-leaves on the statues

Which actually makes them look as if they peel off

Normal household goods and food make a good offering

Can be donated by the bucket

The annexed temple

With a lot of gold

Actually a complex of temples
Very decorated

Along a canal with lovely water lilies

Interesting Architecture

Buddha statue inside

An Image of the Buddha sitting crosse-legged in the attitude subduing himself by fasting.

A Drum

With an interesting 'amplifier'

Strange decorations for our eyes

Some type of amulet

The Royal Palace

Three slender pagoda roofs

One Temple

after another

A miniature of Angkor Wat

High Column Gallery

Pink Tower

Once more the elegant roofs

The Main Hall

Luxurious gallery

The Entrace to the Main Hall

Beautiful Decorated stairs

Snakehead ending in five heads

The Hermite Doctor

Being honored

Decorative figurines

Half human, half animal

Guilded Rooster

Decoration carrying the tower above

Other decoration motiv

Jim Thomson house
A private collection of Thai houses and a fantastic garden
The main house

The pond




The altar

Decorated as a miniature temple

Temple complex
Wat-Pho Temple Compllex from outside

One of the many towers


Fries decoration

A Mega Buddha

Laying Buddha

Feet of the laying Buddha

And a long row of money receptacles for good luck

Photographic Report of our trip to Thailand - Bangkok, November 22 - 23, 2003

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