Feng Huo Dun, or Beacon Towers,
left-overs from Song (960-1279) and Ming (1368-1644)

(Shanghai Daily December 21, 2004; trips March 12 and April 16)
with all the help I got from my driver Wang

Wai Gang Dun | Fang Tai Bei Dun | Fang Tai Nan Dun | Gao Ni Dun | He Zuo Shan | Qin Jia Dun | Da Chang Dun | Hu Lu Wan Dun | Xiao Guan Dun | Yan Dun | Huang Dun | Fen Shui Dun

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[Wen Juzhen] a retired worker has devoted his life to finding the military beacon towers, or fenghuo dun, that used to dot the countryside around Shanghai more than 1,000 years ago [Zhao Feifei in Shanghai Daily December 21, 2004]

On December 21, Shanghai Daily brought an article about "Feng Huo Dun" or Beacon Towers: as rediscoverd by Wen Juizhen.
The article also included a map which my driver and me used to find these places. On the map the dots, indicating the Feng Huo Dun can be clicked to see the results of our re-discovery tours.

Wai Gang Dun is unfortunately flattened to make place for a local shopping center in the middle of a small township

Fang Tai Bei [North Fang Tai] still exists next to some farmhouses....

.... and even seems to be protected by a sign "Not to be removed"

It is just visible from the road, if you know where to look

Fang Tai Nan [South Fang Tai] is used to put a kind of "modern" aviation beacon on, which already is out of use it seems

Gao Ni Dun, still visible on the photo in the Shanghai Daily, made way for a new road some years ago, according to some neigbouring farmers

He Zuo Shan, or Hecha Hill as per the Shanghai Daily is now barely visible behind a wall, under a "pillbox" almost on the crossroads in a small township, along a busy road, not far from the Philips Lamp factory Philips-Yaming.

On the Pillbox is a stone tablet with the name of "He Zuo Shan" engraved, which possibly protects the hill from totally disappearing

Qin Jia Dun is found in a kind of park that seems either still under construction or already abandonned again.

According to the local farmers, the hill used to be bigger. Seen with driver Wang it indeed is not that big

Da Chang Dun used to be in the carner of a park, surrounding the new buildings of Shanghai University, but has been recently flattened

Hu Lu Wan Dun is the only hill we found back substancially grown. Actually a waste soil mountain was made on top of it, according the nearby district officer

Xiao Guan Dun has not been searched for by us yet

Yan Dun used to be there a long time ago, then had a small Buddhist shrine and drew pelgrims, but now all that's left are some memories and a piece of flat land

Huang Dun just as Fang Tai Nan, is used to put an aviation beacon in the old days.

Unlike Fang Tai Nan it is almost flattened though and on the compound of a Country Club.

Fen Shui Dun disappeared in what seems to be a new setup of water and land-fill


Feng Huo Dun, or Beacon Towers, left-overs from Son (960-1279) and Ming (1368-1644)

(Shanghai Daily December 21, 2004; trips March 12 and April 16)

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