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Work by Qi Yong Liang
"At the South of the City" (2006)
a painted poem

Ti Cheng Nan

Cheng Tou Wang Xi Shan
Qiu Yi Yi Ru Xu
Yun Ying Du Jiang Lai
Fei Fei Ban Kong Yu

(Song) Zhang Shi
At the South of the City

Standing at the top of city wall, looking at West Mountain,
Autumn view can be witnessed already,
The clouds shadowed in the river moving nearer,
Weather is getting darker, it seems that half of the sky is full of rain.

(Song) Zhang Shi

Work by Qi Yong Liang "Tongli" (1991)
The painter felt "emprisoned" when in art college and resorted to paint many "walls"

Mr. Sha Heng was born in Shanghai 1954.

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